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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

House Project #4!

The purpose of Invest Hope in Haiti has always been to break the cycle of poverty in a small village in the southern part of the country. We have used different methods to reach towards this goal. We are so excited about the mission land now being walled in therefore being more secure. Our dreams for this piece of land is for it to be a "home-base" place where we launch off to go out and help the community help themselves. We have had multiple meetings in the village to ask the community what they feel that they need.

We are currently saving funds to build a pavilion for our use in the microloan loan training program AND for the community to use. They asked for a place to hold weddings, funerals and meetings. A nice place they would be proud of. We thought a pavilion type structure with open side to allow for cross wind, wired with electricity and nicely ceramic tiled fit the need.

While David was in Haiti for the wall project several people told him there was a family he needed to visit who really needed a house. David and I ended up knowing this family very well. Louis Mae is a gentleman well known in the community who can always be found in the market on the main street of town directing traffic. Just generally helping out. He has helped David and I out at times also. He is well respected in the community. Over a year ago when I went to their house, they were living in a small one roomed tent and putting down a new foundation on the back of an already existing small room with porch.

David went back to see the progress and check it out. (When poor people come to you and tall you someone needs help-they usually aren't exaggerating! It's usually pretty bad.)  Here are pictures he took.
 front porch of house with Louis Mae and his wife

side of house

As you can see this "house" is not fit for living. It does not provide adequate shelter or safety for this couple.

Even though we are knee deep in fundraising for building on Invest Hope property, we feel strongly that God wants us to help this family build a proper home. We had a Haitian contractor come out and look at the foundation they laid on the back and he said it is not done correctly and will all have to be redone. 

We would like to help Louis May build a 2 room house with front porch and outhouse as we have helped 3 other families do. Here is an example of one of those houses. 

Louis Mae will work on this project and provide all the labor through his friends and family. We do pay a Haitian "boss" who is in charge of the construction and has building experience. We will also fund the building materials and transport of those materials.

This worked out so well for the 3 previous houses we helped families build in the area.

Would you consider helping this family build a home? Something they have been trying to do for quite some time but do not have the financial resources to finish?

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