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Monday, June 16, 2014


Chicken what a?

Yea...that's what I was asking this time last week...

Then last Thursday, we met. 

David and Omri had already had it. Chantal was getting over it. And then the no good, cotton picking, joint breaking, headache giving, stomach turning, energy zapping virus hit me with all it had.

And took me down.

One day if not being able to get out of bed by myself. Literally. 

Two days of fevers over 102.

One day of a total body rash.

And today, 4 days later...I am still limping around as if I have arthritis in my feet and very nauseous. 

Odessa is the "last man standing" in our house. I would venture to guess 85% of the Haitians I know have it...so it is only a matter of time for Odessa!

This virus has spread like wild fire across Haiti. And, according to this CNN article, it could be coming to YOUR town too.


So not to scare you or anything, but brace yourself...it's a bummer of a virus.

Please pray for the Haitians currently fighting this virus. Some to do have access to fever reducing medications, most do not have electricity during the hottest parts of the day so are sweltering with fevers and great pain.

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