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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

His first trip around the sun!

***note:I thought this posted on May 7th! It was supposed to!***

One year ago today I was having a baby in Miami, after 2 weeks of being the worst patient ever on bedrest. Nothing about this birth was as planned.

My water broke 3 months early.
I took a quick flight out of Haiti to Miami where I under the care of doctors, not my midwife I had been seeing in Ohio.
I laid in bed for 2 weeks with my mom sleeping in a recliner by my side.

Then the big day came.
Omri was born.

2.5 months early.
With a very medically interventioned birth.
Without baby daddy.

Without. Baby. Daddy.

My mom was there...thank the Lord. 

But there was this moment right after Omri was born...I got to hold him for 2 seconds and then we was wisked off to the NICU with a whole team of doctor's and nurses who took my mom with them!

Then the doctor left.

Then my nurse left.

And I was in that birthing suite all alone. I remember telling God, "I just want to hold my baby. This isn't fair. Isn't it bad enough my husband isn't here? I am stick here in Miami with none of my friends or family to come visit and oogle over my baby."

The rest of the night I tossed and turned and threw questions at God.

With no response. 

Now one year later hindsight is 20/20. God was there and He continued to watch out for my baby as I threw my temper tantrum. Omri was born 10 weeks early and has zip zero zilch deficiencies. He is 100% healthy. He never was on a ventilator. Just oxygen through his nose. 

God was faithful in providing doctors, nurses and a facility to care for our son (even though they weren't the ones I would have picked) even through my rants.

God was there the day I was discharged from the hospital to a hotel and left my baby in the hospital as other mothers were getting into their cars holding their babies and balloons and gifts.  The proud fathers buckling their infants into car seats. The Lord continued to watch over my child even as a river of jealousy ran through me.

I just wanted to hold my baby.

And so today I did. One year to the day when he was whisked away by strangers I held my boy.

Omri may be the most spoiled baby known to mankind. But when you finally get to hold your baby, whenever you want...
you do!

Because he won't be a baby much longer...

Omri-may the Lord bless you and keep you in all your trips around the sun
 as He has during the first one.
Love, Mommy

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