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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tons of Baby Omri Pictures!

I am back online! Have been so busy taking care of Omri that I haven't posted in weeks and weeks. 
Omri and I are still in Ohio. He is now 10 weeks old. His due date was today, July 16th!

He spent 6 weeks in the NICU in Miami and we have been home for a few weeks. 

Here is a picture of Omri's primary nurses in the NICU...we LOVE these ladies...they made our stressful stay so much better.

My Aunt Hattie (dad's youngest sister) drove all the way down from West Virginia to meet Omri!

We went from this...one person being able to hold him once a day (talk about torture!) to...

                                                    Being home in Ohio!

 We got to go to my cousin Bree's wedding in West Virginia. Isn't she a BEAUTIFUL bride?

                                          Great PaPaw Jim (my mom's dad)


                 4 Generations of Andrews'! My dad's parents, dad, me and Omri.

I am missing my Odessa so very much...this has been the hardest part of being away. I have never been apart from her this long. David is holding everything together beautifully! He is being a great daddy to Odessa and counting the days he gets to be one to Omri. Odessa sings to Omri over Skype daily and is looking forward to holding "Her baby" soon :)

This has been a stressful, joyful, tearful, and HOPEful time for our family. We are thankful for all the support you have given us during this time.  Continue to pray for us and our reunion together as a family again...we can hardly wait!

God is teaching me now that although I don't always understand the "method to the madness", that there is a plan and it DOES work for good. 

As I look at my baby boy everyday with my heart exploding with love...it's hard to believe God loves him more. David and I feel so blessed that The Lord put Omri in our family. 

***Thank you all for being patient about the lack of mission updates. David continues to work for Invest Hope in Haiti and he hasten sending me updates and pictures...but I am have been busy (and tired) and haven't been posting updates. Stay tuned for these updates and thank you for your patience.

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Linda said...

Such a beautiful series of photos.