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Saturday, December 29, 2012

 We had a great Christmas here on the island. We tried to decorate to give the Christmas Spirit but considering the girls were sweating while opening their gifts...it didn't really feel like Christmas.

Here are a few pics of Christmas morning that sums it up. My family back home Skyped in with us to watch us open gifts.


On the 24th we had a huge mission Christmas party at our house. We invited the older kids from our Children's program in Peredo and then kids here in the community we live in. Here is a shot before all the kids arrived from our balcony. The hanging tarp is the screen for the movie, "The Nativity" we showed in French. If you have never seen it, you really should check it out. It gives a great picture of how life was back in the time Jesus was born.

 We served Haitian style shredded chicken sandwiches, cupcakes, fruit snacks and Juice.  Then there was popcorn with juice for the movie time. I felt like I was in the kitchen cooking for 24 hours straight! But it was worth it.


Our girls helped out for the party a lot! Popcorn for 100+ kids is no easy feat here in Haiti! They also cleaned all the chicken for the sandwiches.


So of course we rewarded them with a beach day on the 26th. This may have ben due to the fact that I needed a beach day too ;)

Thank you for your support of Invest Hope. Your support provided 2 large Christmas parties, gifts for our foster girls, Christmas dinner for our family, movie night, and lessons with crafts every Saturday in December teaching the Christmas story.

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