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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long time no Blog

But I have several really good excuses!

The first is I got Dengue fever 3 weeks ago. And boy was I sick. I did not know pain like that existed! I will spare you the medical details, BUT if you are interested in knowing, click the link that will tell you about this tropical virus.

Then I went to the states to the International Conference on Missions. This is the first year Invest Hope exhibited and it went great! Of course my favorite part still is seeing some of the missionaries from around the world that stayed at our house when I was growing up. It is usually the only time I see them anymore. And I love it!

 Invest Hope Booth!

Then I had Thanksgiving and my future sister-in-law's wedding shower. Which had an awesome beach theme since they are getting married on the beach in February!

 Stacy in front of her wedding shower loot!

 Beach themed cupcakes!

And the final excuse is...

We might have had a few relaxing, goofy days at the beach in between.

Our foster girls, Ayi and Mardochee, are doing well. We transitioned them to the first floor of our house. There were 3 bedrooms to pick from so the fact that they chose to share a room together...is a great sign! Or maybe it means they just want more time together to plot against us! Just kidding. We really enjoy having them around. They have been going to a Haitian church close to our house. This week they joined the youth choir and are excited about that. They sing here in the evenings and when they are doing laundry and do a great job!

So while I am full of excuses...I am ready to get back to blogging to keep you updated on what's going on with us in Haiti.

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