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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Evenson update

Double good news for Evenson!

First of all...he turned 3! 

 His host family had a birthday party for him. 
His parents here in Haiti were so happy to see Evenson happy and interacting. He was so sick the last time they saw him in the fall. He had no energy and he certainly wasn't up to eating cake.

 Don't you just want to squeeze him?!?

And playing with the birthday loot!
Look at his stomach! Praise the Lord!

For those of you wondering who Evenson is, here is a before picture of him when we went to the states for treatment of a Wilm's tumor late last fall. Angel Missions Haiti looked for care for him and did the paperwork for a medical visa for him!

LA Children's Hospital is giving him FREE state of the art care.

The 2nd part of the good news is that after 30 some weeks of Chemotherapy...Evenson is finished! The doctors are keeping him i the states for a few more months to watch lab values and for him to completely rebound and then he will return to an anxious mom and dad in Haiti.

Thank you all for your prayers for him and his host parents and his parents during this difficult time.Continue to send them up!

I can not imagine that God doesn't have a plan for this child of His.

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