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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here's a follow up to my grocery store post from last week.

So I said in that post that we don't eat American food very often and I showed you why ;) But Haitian food is good (if cooked right) and that's mainly what we eat. 

Our nanny/cook/housekeeper/etc lady, goes to the open market for us once or twice a week. She went yesterday. I gave her $12 US and this is what she came back with.

Much different from the grocery store prices huh?

(in the gray and white striped bag there is rice, The tied up pink bag by the eggplant is salt, the red can is tomato paste)

So for $12 we got 5 bananas, 30 eggs, 12 packages of crackers, potatoes, 2 eggplant, green beans, pineapple, 3 carrots, 4 tomatoes, 1 can of tomato paste, 4 plantain, 1 bag of black beans, 1 bag salt, little hot peppers, 2 garlic, 2 militon (I don't know what this is in English-the 2 green veggies by the bananas), green onions.

And the transportation fair for her to get to the market was included in the $12. But this was prob only about $.50 total.

So there you have it...what we eat in Haiti!

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