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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grocery shopping in Haiti

I get a lot of questions about the food we eat here. Honestly, we mainly eat Haitian food. Because 1) It's good and 2) It's cheap!

I go to an "American style" grocery store about twice a month. I usually spend around $50 and get 2-3 grocery bags worth of food for that price. Makes me long for Krogers and Walmart! I do miss American food so I splurge and make it once or twice a week.

Here are some pictures I took at the grocery store here. 

The exchange rate varies a little day to day but it is around 40 Haitian gourdes to $1 US.

 Price 2,019 gourdes

 Price: $22.22
yep for strawberries...this is why Odessa has never tasted them!

 Prince: $10.90

 Price: $8.25

 Price: $4.72

Price: $56.22

 Price $ 12.10
Now saving the foil from the restaurant doesn't seem so silly does it?

 Price: 24.22

 Price: $21.85

 Price: $4.85

 Price: $6.85

 Price: $8.22

 Price: $7.22

 Price: $11.22

Price: $5.35

There you have it. And by the way...no couponing, weekly sales, freezer stock-up, etc....ever! 

Who knew living in a third world country would be so expensive?

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MirzSpace said...

notice how most prices are high because they are imported, but for the DORITOS they charge that high price no matter where you are!