When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. -Galatians 6:10a (NCV)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One great example

About a month ago I transported a sick child to the states.

While we were there I think we met an angel.

Have you ever met someone who instantly you felt was on a higher spiritual plane than you? Well that was Dave. I got a message that nurse was picking us up at the airport and that his name was Dave and he would be wearing blue scrubs. That was it. Sure enough when we came out of customs, there he was.

Normal looking, middle aged guy in scrubs.

We went out to the parking area and got in his car. It was a late (late) model something like a Toyota Corolla (it was dark outside).

We get in and I notice that the drivers side door handle has fallen off and is replaced with a pair of pliers to open the door. Totally looked like something my dad would do.

He started chatting with me which was difficult to hear from the back seat as the muffler was...well I don't think there was one anymore.

I quickly found out that Dave was an ordinary man who God was using to do extraordinary things.

He told me that he owned an apartment complex and several years ao he asked God to use it how he wanted. Bascially gave it to the Lord. Today, some of the apartments are used for a Christian residential drug rehab program. It is a ministry he runs in his spare time and has other Christian men that serve with him.

He also has started a church on the beach. South Beach. I thought...nice-a ministry to vacationers and those who live on the beach! But no...he seeks out the homeless, addicts and needy. He told me a story of a demon possessed man he met there and how he stood up to the demon using the name of the Lord. Now now...don't close your browser. I haven't lost my mind. And I don't believe this man has either.

He took us to his family's home and there were other people there eating dinner. He introduced me to a lady and I asked how they were related and she said they weren't. That her and her husbnad were homeless living on the streets of Miami and Dave was helping them get on their feet and living in a small rental house beside his house. I about fell over. Not only were they living rent free next door...they were eating dinner and helping themselves to drinks in the fridge.

The little boy I was transporting, was starting to get sicker so we took him to Miami Children's Hospital and were there all night. Dave, who had picked us up at the airport AFTER his 12 hour shift, stayed all night in the ER with us and then drove us back to the airport at 6am.

Then about 3 am he started witnessing to the nurse who was assigned to us. He did it in a very tactful way and invited her to church on the beach. He pulled cards out of his pocket and wrote his phone number on it for her. She said she would try to come to church one Sunday.

This guy seriously made me rethink on what level am I serving God. God asks us for everything.

Our lives. Our homes. Our spare time. The food in our kitchens. Our vehicles. Our energy.

I wish you could meet Dave.

I wish you could take a ride in his car with pliers for door handles and discuss modern day demons over the muffler.

I wish you could walk through his house and see the example of how he loves his neighbor as himself.

I don't know if Dave is an angel. But he is one of the best Christian examples of servanthood I have ever seen.

What would people say about your example?

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