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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's been a while with no post and I am getting emails asking if we are OK. Yes we are! Doing really well actually :)

Our adoption-police-court drama has settled down. I have yet another new lawyer doing Odessa's adoption now. The great news is that my previous lawyer returned the money I had paid her. She was pretty scared she was going to get hauled into court with me so she wanted rid of me as a client. Kinda funny when I think about it now, but at the time not so funny that your lawyer is afraid to stand in front of the court with you.

I have to admit though that this is getting discouraging. I have tried to do everything the right way but find myself on lawyer #3, still unable after 22 months to leave the country with Odessa. But God is in control. What a relief that is. Even though I don't understand the overall plan He has for this situation, He does...and wants me to give Him my worries, stress and needs.

In a good note, Nadine is scheduled to go to the states on Monday to meet her host family and start medical treatment! So many of you have met her and ask about her and are praying for her. She has been here at our house for several weeks now getting bulked up on cheese and peanut butter and eggs (not together of course!) and whatever else we can think of that will fatten her up. Nadine is soooo ready to go to Ohio. She keeps telling me how she is going to be good and that she will listen to her host family. She also has asked how many shots the doctor is going to give her too :)

I wish I was getting to go with her to see her when she sees everything in the states for the first time and to get her settled with her host family, but she will be traveling with another American lady who is flying back. So continue praying for Nadine as she is leaving everything
She has ever known and finally going to get the life saving medical care she needs. God is good!

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