When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. -Galatians 6:10a (NCV)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Evenson update

Here are new pictures of Evenson. He is the toddler with a Wilms tumor who is currently receiving free treatment at LA Children's Hospital.

You can totally see how his personality is coming out! His parents here in Haiti are amazed to see him smiling and playing again! They had not seen him like this in months.

Prays are need for Evenson this Monday. The doctors in LA feel it is time to remove the tumor. They will operate this coming Monday. Please pray that all goes well, for a quick recovery and for his host parents in the states who will stay by his side night and day.

I can not tell you how exciting it is to see what the Lord is doing for this child-a child we were arranging hospice for here in Haiti!

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