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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grenadia (Passionfruit) Juice

There is a fruit here in Haiti called Grenadia in Creole. I googled it and couldn't find Grenadia anywhere. I looked through fruit pictures of the Carribean and found that it is a variety of Passionfruit. There is a purple passionfriut and a yellow passionfruit. These are the yellow variety.  Here is a descriptive link.

Passionfruit juice is my favorite here. Odessa and I made some yesterday. We add a couple fresh squeezed juice from limes to ours too cause we like the extra tartness.

First we wash all the fruit in bleach water. If you saw the open market here in Port au Prince where we buy our fruits and veggies you would definitely know why ;)

Odessa squeezed the limes in to get our sour/tangy taste.

Then we cut open the Passionfruit-smells SOOO good!
Then you scrape the inside part into a strainer and stir it and scape against the sides until the juice starts running down into the pitcher. Adding water helps get the juice off the seeds. 
And you stir and stir and stir...
It is finished when you don't have a lot of orange stuff left. Just basically seeds. Then you go onto the the next piece. Then add water and sugar to taste when you have used all your passionfruits.

Then you enjoy fresh, passionfruit with a kick of lime, juice. I have never had this in the states. I don't know if it is imported in to some grocery stores. If you can't find in your local grocery, come on over, we'll make you a fresh pitcher!

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