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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Learning to Dance in the Rain!

Came across a quote that really hot home today.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. 

I had a big scare last week. I found out that the Haitian attorney I had to do Odessa's adoption, could not do it. Very bad news.

17 months we have been waiting!
But there is some good news-I got her legal paperwork and had all the paperwork done my previous attorney told me I needed for the adoption. 

But more bad news: He is not up to date and I need yet MORE paperwork.
But the good news is I had a met a missionary here in Haiti (who has adopted 10 children and is working on #11-as a SINGLE mom and she's younger than me!-I think she needs a psych evaluation!) who can help me with all of this and her mission is doing so free of charge! I meet our new attorney next week-she has already finalized 30 adoptions this year alone. I want Odessa to be number 31!

More bad news come yesterday as I learned I do not meet the US requirement for income. Can't exactly change how much money I made last year.
But the good news is I will be finalizing her adoption in Haiti so I am excluded from that requirement! (I am currently at home recovering from the heart attack I had yesterday after finding out I don't meet the requirements)

So this quote really hit home today.

So while I am going to work on this adoption and run after every document, take every psych test (that was fun!) and watch the rules change here in Haiti 947 times...

We're learning to dance in the storm of international adoption! Yesterday afternoon I danced holding in tears. Yesterday morning I danced b/c Odessa started school!  The week before I danced with a sucker-punch feeling in my gut. Today I'm dancing while making spaghetti!

We don't know what tomorrow may bring but it's just a storm. 

But we're dancing together.

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