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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In the event of a plane crash...

I came across this while cleaning out my purse/bookbag/diaperbag combo thingy today. I forgot all about it and it made me laugh this time. The first time I read it, flying in the 4 seater toy tiny plane, I wasn't doing much laughing.

This was in the medical airplane I flew to Jeremie in to pick up Sandra, the slave child who experienced some trauma back in May. It was laminated and I copied it word for word. None of this was made up.

1.Stay away from the airplane until cooled.

2.Check injuries. Give first aid.

3.Get out of the wind/rain. Put up temporary shelter. Make hot drinks. (Hot drinks? #1-I'm in HAITI. #2-If my plane just crashed I seriously doubt I'm going to sit back and drink a glass of herbal tea!)
4.Get signaling equipment ready. Make sure the emergency transmitter locator is working. Set the plane's battery on it's right side. (Sure hope the pilot knows how to do this and is not injured/dead.)

5. Now relax and rest until you are over the shock of the crash. (Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.)

6. After resting, organize the camp. Put all food and equipment in charge of one person. Remember you can survive weeks with no food if you have water. (So glad I watched all those Lost episodes!)

7.Prepare signals, disturb your surroundings so you can be recognized from the air. Collect oil from plane to burn for smoke signals. 

8. Check out plane's radio. Determine position and include on radio messages. (This is #8?????)

9.Start a log book. Fill out accident and injury report forms. 

Thinking I better stick to missionary nursing not flight nursing...

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Beth said...

PLEASE wait until the plane is cooled, and enjoy some hot cocoa while you wait! Too funny!