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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Exactly What I need

What a great Sunday! David (AKA best menaj ever!) surprised me by borrowing a car so we could go to the English speaking church-where they have Children's worship for Odessa. I enjoyed on church service in ENGLISH with an empty lap (where Odessa usually sits).

But the best part of church was the end. There was a white lady sitting in front of us with 3 little girls. They were rotten in church-just like my little girl is. I felt better seeing someone else with a child who can't sit still. After church she started talking to David and I. She said she is from Canada and her husband is Haitian and they want to make friends with some other mixed couples who have kids. I about jumped into this stranger's arms and hugged her. She invited us to dinner on Wednesday! Like a real dinner with another couple like us. I tried to play it cool when I said yes but I was so excited I couldn't stand still. I must have really been wriggling with excitement b/c when she walked away David asked me if I had to pee.

Then we stopped by the grocery store on the way home and they had tortillas. Real ones from the states. Don't ask me how much I paid for them-that's not important. What is important is that we had chicken soft tacos for lunch! With real soft taco shells and real salsa. I haven't had tacos in over a year. And boy were they good. Odessa kept asking me where the rice was. I told her, "Don't worry sweetie-we'll have rice every other day this week." She said, "Not today?" "No not today. Today we're eating TACOS!" She said, "I want rice." Oh well-can't make everyone happy.

English church, dinner invitation and soft tacos make for one happy American in Haiti this evening.  I would say it's the little things in life that make life great. But these are not little things. These are things I talked to God about last week in my devotion time. God answered my requests with a taco, a dinner invitation and worship in my native language.

Why am I always surprised that He knows exactly what I need?

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Beth said...

Thank you for sharing your heart through your blog, Ginny. Your honesty and sincerity is so inspiring. And yes, I believe God does answer prayers for things like tacos and dinner invites. Sometimes we are so focused on other stuff that we miss His gifts. Thank you for the reminder!