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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sandra is still staying with us and is starting to fit in well around here. Odessa is adjusting well to have a temporary bid sister-although Sandra is annoyed sometimes with Odessa! But I tell her that's b/c Odessa looks up to her and wants to be like her. The first time I told this former slave child that Odessa looks up to her, you could see the wheels turning inside her head trying to grasp that concept. We have had our ups and downs but I can't tell you how exciting it has been to see her get to be a kid and see how she is starting to trust us and learing how far she can push me!

We've got to take her out for ice cream!

Her adoptive family in the states are praying she gets to go to the states to complete the rest of her medical treatment. They have paperwork to get in order. David and I are trying to help them on the Haiti side of things-which is not always easy. So pray for us as we have a deadline.

On a sad note-my dad left yesterday...

He came down for 10 days and played Mr Fix-it around our new house-which has been named "The Shoebox". Chuck Diehl is also here and together they got the water running in the bathroom-well the shower and sink. We don't have other running water in the house but to have a real shower-it's heaven! They also moved a huge battery/inverter system so I could have a wonderful bedroom all to myself! So thankful for my own bedroom.

We got to hang out in the evenings, take the girls out for ice cream and wade through the frustrations of Haiti for 10 days together. We had a great time with PawPaw and Odessa is still walking around looking for him. I think she wore him out! He kept commenting on how much energy she has. Of course here in Port au Prince she is cooped up in a shoebox. We don't have courtyard, parking lot, nothing for a 2 yr old to burn off energy.

That's the 2nd week I've spent with my dad in 13 months. The 2nd week he has got to be with his only grand-child.

Now we have lots of memories to hold us over til the next time!

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