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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the Eye of the Beholder

My Fridays this summer are a smack in the face to this country girl. Living in Port au Prince is not easy for Haitians but there is a ravine downtown (see pic below) that is filled with trash, goats, and sewage water. I don't like it when missionaries or others come to Haiti and exploit Haitians who are living literally on top of this filth. I am showing you these pictures so you can pray for this slum area of Port Au Prince and to tell you about a mission working in the middle of it.

Go check out Christian Light Ministries website. Christian Light Ministries

The missionary, Miss Sherry, has started an English school in this community. She starts them off in preschool and their entire school day is in English. With in months they are speaking English! She does something else I have never seen done so well in a Haitian school-they have awesome art projects and sewing classes and painting and a HUGE library full of English children's books.

Sherry is one busy lady! There is also an orphanage, nutrition program and this medical program all under her. She has Haitian staff but is the only American living here running the program. And to top it off-they are so short on space, her bedroom is her school office. She takes the term studio apartment to a whole new level. She has made a difference in this community with her sacrifices and love for the Lord.

I thank the Lord for missionary examples like her.

I am filing in this summer for another missionary nurse who is on furlough in the states. Every Friday morning she walks the ravine with a Haitian nurse named Myrland (pictured with me above).

We do medical evaluations as we walk through the crowded living conditions. Some are referred to the hospital and some are given the medications they need. The good part is that we check on them on our rounds the next week and they are getting continuity of care.

The most common conditions are colds, ring worm and scabies. Not surprising.

I can't help but be thankful I am not raising my daughter in these conditions. But it breaks my heart that others are. The first week I went they were just poor people living in a Haiti slum...

but now I look forward to my Friday workdays partnering with another mission who has a vision for this area and a hope for it's children.

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