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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Similar than Different

The last day of this class of women for the Nutrition program ended Wednesday. They were all proud to "graduate." Here's a pic of some of the women from this class. Thank you for your support of this program. It really is teaching the women of this community how to better care for their children. And I am having a great time doing it.

On this last day of class I had them go around the circle and say something they learned in class that they didn't know before.

One talked about how she learned HOW her kids kept getting worms and HOW to keep them from getting them again.


Another said how she learned a lot of the medications she takes she can also be giving her baby in her breast milk. She said she won't take medications while breastfeeding unless a doctor has told her it is safe.


And yet another, last but not least, said she learned that sometimes even American men get American women pregnant and then leave them to raise their babies alone.

So...maybe one of the classes got a little off track of the topic of nutrition and child wellness...

We sat for a while together and talked about men...yep I couldn't help but smile. Here I was sitting in a small village in Haiti with a group of women who I thought were so different from myself talking about relationships.

Strangely it seemed I had had this conversation before, in another place and other times with other friends.

Maybe we aren't so different after all.

note-the baby clothes pictured were sent from a friend of a friend's sister through the organization "Save the Children." Although I have never met her I truly appreciate the kindness she showed these women and the high quality of clothes she sent-with price tags still attached.

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Mary Ann said...

Oh Ginny, what a fine looking group of ladies and their children. I am sure they are thankful for the wonderful classes they have completed. May God bless you for your efforts. I appreciate you!