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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glass Half Full

So sometimes I miss home. Like a lot. I love Facebook-getting on there to see what's going on back home and how everyone is doing. But the bad thing about Facebook is I get to see all the things I am missing out on.

I get to see the pictures of all the weddings, birthdays, church events, and friend get-togethers that I missed.

I know what you are saying-This blog is titled "Glass Half Full."

So far not a fitting title-I know. Bear with me...I have a point...I promise.

I get together with some other missionaries in town once in a blue moon and we talk about things like this. Most of us agree that evenings and nights are the hardest times to be here alone.

After Odessa goes to bed in the evenings it is so easy to look at the glass as half empty. Family far way, friends hanging out with new friends, no TV, and no late night food. (Oh Wendy's and Papa John's-how i miss you!).

I fall asleep many nights dreaming of the things I used to do everyday in the states.

And then comes the morning.

The hour drive to work in Peredo is welcomed. Suddenly the glass changes to half full. I have the same life I had 8 hours before when I was sulking about everything I miss out on. But look at the VIEW!

Seriously... this is my drive to work!

I know you're jealous.

Gorgeous Mountains!

No these pics are not out of the latest vacation magazine. Haiti-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere

And returning home driving into the sunset!
This drive sure beats my old hour drive to work in the states on Interstate I-70.

And the cold Pepsi in my hand is definitely half full!

These pics were taken by Jenna Davis. She came down on a short term trip a few weeks ago. I had no idea she was an amazing photographer and was so excited to see all that she captured while she was here. She is pictured below (I took this shot!) holding the cutest baby. Jenna truly had a servant's heart on her mission trip here and I can't wait for her to come back!

Check out her blog at www.jennadavisblog.com to read her blog of her trip to Haiti and the awesome pics she took. She was so nice to let me borrow them!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ginny the view...I thought my ocean here was good.......boy you got us beat. Hope you and Odessa are well. Hugs for all you are doing. God has blessed Haiti richly with your presence.


Dulantha said...

Natural beauty is great in any where.