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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prayer request

Sometimes, honestly most times, the work here is just overwhelming. There is always someone in need of something. I work in one small village in Haiti, which has huge problems. My prayer is that I can help some of the people there well...but sometimes it seems that I am standing in the middle of a tornado watching everything get blown around and more messed up than it was when I came to work that morning.

I am writing to make you all aware of an urgent prayer request. Daniella is a 15 yr old girl who came to me after church one Sunday in December. She was 14 yrs old then and very pregnant. She looked at the ground when she talked to me and told me she came for help. I asked what kind of help and she simply answered, "I don't know." Her face was totally blank and she just looked lost. There is no other word for it.

I told her to come back tomorrow when I was would have clinic hours and we could talk more. She came back with her 21 yr old sister. Daniella explained to me that she wanted to give her baby away. Then I pried for some more information. Here is her story:

Her mother died a few years ago (she says her uncle sent a voodoo curse on her that killed her) and Daniella went to live with her aunt in Port au Prince. Shortly after her aunt's husband started raping her when the aunt went out. When Daniella's stomach became big her family sent her back to the village on a tap-tap by herself to find her sister.

Now she was standing in front of me in the clinic. I know a Canadian midwife (Sarah-see website: http://www.olivetreeprojects.com) who lives in Jacmel and got an appointment for to see Daniella. Sarah examined her and did an ultrasound-she had trouble measuring the head on the ultrasound. Sarah really took and interest in Daniella and took her in to live with her until she delivered. Peredo is an hour away from Jacmel so this was better for everyone and this way Daniella could eat well and be taken care of better. Her sister who was struggling to take care of her 2 small children-couldn't care properly for Daniella-so everyone was happy with her staying with Sarah.

Daniella settled in well with Sarah and was doing really well. Last week she went into labor and delivered a baby girl at Sarah's maternity center. There were major complications after the baby was born. She was not breathing and had a low heart rate. Sarah did CPR but noticed the babies head was misformed. This explains why head measurement was difficult to find on the ultrasound.

The baby died shortly after. When she went into labor Sarah had called me to call her sister to come to Jacmel for the birth. Her phone was off and I called someone else in the village to go to her house to give her the message. They couldn't find her. They said she left and went to Port au Prince days ago.

So here's Daniella, 15 yrs old, with a bunch of white people-none of her own family, her baby dead. I know that's putting it bluntly-but it's the truth.

Would you join me in praying for this young girl? She is doing fairly well considering all she has been through-she is not yet a Christian but I know God can heal her and give her hope for the future.

A lot of problems here in Haiti are way too big for this missionary to handle. But none are too big for MY God to handle. He is waiting for All his children to come to His protective arms. Let's pray for Daniella to find Him.

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ljkeiper said...

Praying for all of you, Ginny (you, Sarah, and Daniella)! Jeremiah 29:11..... sometimes we don't know what His plan is, but we can rest assured in the fact He does have a plan.