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Friday, November 19, 2010

Destressing with some Shoe Shopping!

Stressful situations in Haiti right now. Of course there is the Cholera outbreak. It has yet to reach this area but we are being told it is coming and to get ready. I spent one full day last week with 2 of our Haitian workers going through the depot in Peredo pulling out things we might need if/when Cholera comes. Alex, the houseboy here at the mission house and Usted, one of the young men from the Peredo community helped me search for IV supplies, Pedialye, wipes, diapers, alcohol, oral rehydration salts, and IV fluids. We found most of the supplies and I found Lactated Ringers IV solution in town and bought 2 cases. Please pray for the people in this area. Especially the young and very old.

Sunday we will have a meeting after church for all in the community to come and learn about Cholera and we will demonstrate how to make Oral Rehydration Fluid. There is a lot of panic in this area over this illness. You can visit the World Health Organization website to read more about how it is treated.


But on a lighter note...

We came across the clothes and shoes the team from Bishop Baptist Church in Georgia brought down last month and started distributing these items to the school children in Peredo. Let me take a minute to let you know something about these shoes and clothes. They are absolutely wonderful! They brought very nice, name brand clothes that were all laundered and neatly folded in the suitcases and the shoes!...the kids were so happy with the shoes! They name brand and in great condition.

Bishop Baptist did not simply send things that they didn't want anymore. These items were definitely in resale condition.

They truly gave from their hearts and helped dress these Haitian children how they would want their own children dressed.

Thank you so much! I was the lucky one (once again) to get to be here and help distribute. It was such a destressor to see the smiles, hear the squeals and watch them tuck their gifts into their book bags.

Notice in this last picture the little girl getting fitted for shoes but she is holding her peanut butter sandwich from the nutrition program at the school!

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