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Sunday, May 30, 2010

blog update Friday

Blog update-Friday
The street the new Haitian Christian Outreach house is on in Jacmel doesn’t have a street sign and I have no idea what the name of it is. I have got lost several times trying to find the house I live in! If you could see the dirt streets and how they all look the same you would understand. But I am learning how to navigate and make do with no street signs or traffic rules. My prayer everytime I leave the driveway is 1-Lord please don’t let me run over anybody and 2-when ( NOT IF, but when) I breakdown please send an Angel to watch over me.
I have come up with a name I think is appropriate for this street. Butcher Alley. Nearly everyday some animal is slaughtered right outside the gate to the house. The first day I noticed it was 2 goats. I didn’t hear anything but saw them being skinned and then chopping them up to be sold in the market. The next day was a pig. I am not sure how they killed the pig but the poor thing screamed outside for about 10 minutes before it died. I didn’t have the stomach to go see how they were killing it but I am thinking there has to be a quicker, more humane way. Makes me rethink my craving for porkchops. It is like the entertainment on this street. The kids who are not in school come over to watch and people walking past stop to watch for a while. They have even knocked on the gate asking if I would like to buy some meat. But I am not ready for that yet-I am tough but that’s pushing it. I like buying my meat out of the frozen food section at Krogers. And I don’t want to know what it sounded like before it died! Sick!

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