When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. -Galatians 6:10a (NCV)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long time since my last post but haven't had internet for a long time. Sometimes it works but most of the time...not so much.

Things are still pretty tense here. The Haitian people are upset about not getting relief food. We have had 2 small riots on our church property of people seeing us bring in food on the trucks and taking it into the depot and not seeing us distribute it. We have been bringing it in and having some Haitians who are members of the church in Port au Prince have been helping packing them up for distribution. But unfortunately, there is not enough food in our complex to give to everyone. It is hard to be here and look at the people and know we can not help everyone.

The clinic is still open daily and we are seeing 150-200 patients a day. This week we had 3Haitian doctors, 3 Haitian nurses and myself working in the clinic. We also had one Haitian and one American working in the pharmacy. We have some patients who come for daily dressing changes and a few who come for their daily injection of Ancef b/c of their large wounds. Otherwise the other patients are primary care. We have had several people bring children and babies to the clinic and ask us to take them. We have given the children with families help so they can still take care of them themselves. But the others we have tried to connect with orphanages and a few of the kids are being adopted by people working at the clinic. There are been so many people down here "looking" for kids to adopt that the government is really cracking down on it. I understand the governments point that there has to be a process for adoption and not just anyone can come down here and take a child. They need to be checked out and made sure that the child is going to have a good home. It's hard to see the poverty ad devestation a child has to live in here but I feel if we can help the parents take care of ther own child, that is the best choice.

Took a guy to the hospital last night who was attacked by a dog on the street. Sarah Ronk and I went with the driver and the guy who is 21 yrs old. David, our driver, wanted me to drive at night in Port au Prince and told me I had to learn sooner or later. So here we go with the white girl who could hardly reach the clutch driving, the real driver in the passengers seat yelling directions, and Sarah Ronk in the back seat with the petrified Haitian boy who thought he was going to die of rabies. It was just as good as any episode of Seinfield I have ever seen! We got to the hospital and almost had to drag the patient in b/c he was so scared of getting a shot. We sat in the waiting area and waited for the American medical people to see us. They couldn't speak Creole so we translated for them for our patient. They gave him a tetanus shot but had no rabies shot. We are going to have to look for that today. They started talking to us about what we are doing here. They said they were leaving tomorrow and gave us a bunch of meds to take to our clinic. We were so happy b/c we have run out of almost all the meds we need. We go to buy them daily but the places are closed. The US military won't give us any meds. We have asked several times. The Jamacian military gave us some and US AID gave us some but not a lot at all. It is hard to look at all the palates FULL of relief supplies stacked at the airport and not seeing them getting moved out to the people. It is hard to read about the MILLIONS of dollars organizations like the Red Cross has raised and being here and not seeing things done. I am feeling like the world is starting to forget about Haiti again. When I think of Haiti I don't think of a country and poverty. I think of people and how they work together and all the things they have done for me and the stories and memories I have with them. Back to the hospital story. The Americans there asked us to stay and translate for them
all night. We couldn't stay all night but we stayed and helped them for a little while.

Well I am heading out to work at the clinic this morning. I have a ton of stories to post and pictures and hope to do that tonight. God is working through this disaster but the Haitian people are still terrified another earthquake is coming. Pray for peace of mind for them.

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