When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. -Galatians 6:10a (NCV)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Living conditions

There are many refugee camps in Haiti right now. Thousands of familes are living in them. They have sheets seperating the different "houses" ans are sleeping on the ground. People without these sites sleep in the streets at night. Literally in the street.
The pics are of a small refugee camp we found and took tents to to try to help people sleep off the ground. People here are really afraid of that is going to happen when it starts raining. There will be widespread disease. The rainy season here is nothing like I have ever seen in the states and with all these people sleeping in these camps, they will be drenched. There are no bathrooms at these camps either. This particular small camp we went to had about 50 families living in it. We had tents and food for them. We set up 3 tents and the people started arguing about who hwas going to get the other ones. THings started getting out of control and we told the people we were going to leave it they didn't calm down. Roro told them they were cutting off the hand that was helping them. We did end up having to leave there b/c it was getting out of control. It was sad though b/c there were families there who weren't causing problems but b/c of the unsafeness we had to leave.

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