When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. -Galatians 6:10a (NCV)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This week sure was hot in Haiti! I know being Haiti you would think it's hot all the time and it is, but this week was miserable! Finally rained last night and cooled things off. I think we all we happy for that. As I was laying in bed at night with my balcony door open and the fan directly on me and still hot, I couldn't help but think of all the people out there trying to sleep in this weather in a hut with no circulation and no electricity for fans. I was settling in last night to sit down and check email and then go to bed when there was a knock at the gate. Our cook had come back around 8pm and asked if I could make a house call. I got dressed and gathered some supplies and set out into the night trusting she would take me to the right place. When it is dark here-it is dark! She at one point asked me if i was scared and in my shaky voice I said, "No, because God can see everything even when I can't." She smiled. We arrived at the little shack to find an old woman sitting nearly naked on her front stoop with about 40 people surrounding her. After convincing her family to send all the people away, I talked with her and checked her Blood Pressure. It was 180/100. Her family told me it couldn't possibly be that high b/c they had a Haitian nurse come by earlier and take her BP and she said it was low. They insisted I take it in the other arm. I tried to convince them I knew how to take a BP and I was absolutely sure it was really high. Boy was that fun in my broken Creole! She was sweating (well we all were) and her Heart rate was 170. She said she hadn't slept and hadn't eaten or drank anything that day except for the water with her blood pressure meds. I asked to see her medicines and found she was taking 3 different kinds of BP meds. She says the same doctor prescribed them all at the same time. I told her family she needed to relax and one of her granddaughters bathed her and I put some Biofreeze gel on her neck and shoulders and had her sipping some cold water we sent someone to buy. All they had was room temp and I knew how hot the room was! She really enjoyed the cold water. I gave her a Dramamine to help her sleep too. After praying with her and making sure she was tucked in (they insisited on a blanket-I almost passed out at the sight of it) I came back home.

I checked on her today and she looked great. Was dressed and sitting up by herself. Told me she ate breakfast and was drinking more. I talked to her about staying hydrated and going back to the doctor regarding blood pressure medicines. Her BP was 150/82 today. High but better. She said she slept great! And I thought well you should have- I gave you a full dose when I usually only take 1/2 dose of Dramanine myself! She thanked me over and over and let me know that she knew how to get ahold of me now if she needed me again! When I was leaving She said she would see me later "si Bondye vle." (if God wants)

Thank you Lord for the Healthcare system in the US. Even though it is far from perfect. And thank you for the opportunity to help a neighbor...

Proverbs 14:21
"It is a sin to hate your neighbor, but being kind to the needy brings happiness."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School days in Peredo

New back pack and flip-flops! I can't believe my eyes!

Look at our new bookbags!

I love my new backpack!

He doesn't know who Spiderman is, but loves the backpack!

Yesterday we passed out 89 backpacks sent from people in Licking Valley Church and Utica Church to the school kids in Peredo. What a fun day at school it was. We should have waited until the end of the day because the kids were so wound up afterwards! The teachers and principal enjoyed helping hand them out and they all received a satchel bag too. Thank you all so much for showing God's love through back packs! 89 kids in Haiti say Mesi (thank you)! To learn more about supporting the school kids in the village of Peredo through the mission Haitian Christian Outreach, go to www.haitianchristian.org.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Being back in Haiti this past week has been like coming back to my second home. I am feeling more and more comfortable here each visit. I am still missing my dog and missed the 1st Ohio State Football game of the season-but my heart is happy to be back in Haiti. Last week I flew in with a short term team from Indiana. We held a mobile medical clinic in the village of Peredo for 2 days with 2 Haitian doctors and then went up to the remote village of Seguin in the mountain area past Peredo. We did some more cleaning of the clinic there and then handed out clothes, shoes and some quilts to the people there. The weather has been nearly or at 100 degrees everyday but Seguin is at such a high altitude that it is cool during the day and actually cold at night. Seems like the wrong thing to say when talking about Haiti but it is actually cold there. I took up some clothes that Churches in Licking County sent like jeans and long sleeve shirts and some long skirts for the women and the team from Indiana brought shoes. One little girl who walked to the clinic by herself named Jenny (pictured above) received a pair of shoes and a warm quilt to sleep in. She was so cute! I couldn't help but scoop her up in my arms and then couldn't hardly put her down. When I asked her where her mom was the only reply I got was, "Li pa la." (She's not here.) We saw her in the distance walking back home with her new pink Croc shoes and new pink quilt bobbing around her neck. Thank you for the support of this mission. There is no way we could fill all the needs of the people of Haiti but I know we made a difference in Jenny's life.