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Monday, April 13, 2009

Random pictures

Ok-I know it's time for another update but I don't have a specific topic to talk to you about so I'm going to put up "random pictures" and tell you about them. Some about the culture, the church and I am working with down here and whatever else I find that looks interesting.

This is Dr Rony and Dr Gregory. They are 2 of the Haitian doctors I work with in the clinic in Port-au-Prince and the various mobile clinics. They grew up and live in Haiti but went to medical school in Cuba. It's a lot different working with them than it is working with American doctors. We work hard at the clinics and are usually very busy but we work well together. Well-I think we do-they might have a different story!

This is me and "Doctor RoRo" working in a "pharmacy" at a mobile clinic. We took the communion table out of the church and brought boxes of meds in and set up shop. This building we used only had a floor rocks to stand on all day. But the concrete building was a great shield from the sun-it was nice and cool in there. Once the patients have seen the docs, they bring a script to the pharmacy and get it filled. I have learned how to tell people to take medicines in Creole very quickly. It's good practice. We give out hygiene items too as we receive them from groups and churches.

This 1st pic is the view from the missionary house I am staying at. Yes-it's the ocean! ONe of the many perks to missionary life. The ocean is off my balcony. The 2nd pic is one of some of the flowers and trees. There are some beautiful landscapes here. The pictures below are the fresh seafood dinners we eat on the beach about 10 minutes from where I live. The fish is caught fresh that day and they grill it right there on the beach and bring it to y ou to eat at a tabke about 30 feet from the ocean. In my opinion it is the ultimate way to dine in Haiti.

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