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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

A hot shower feels sooooooo good after 3 weeks without one. I have been thanking God this weekend for all the "little" blessings I have here at home. But I have also been thinking of the people I met in Haiti and the 1st friends I have made there. When I was sitting in the airport to come home I have excited but at the same time I was a little sad to be leaving my new friends there. It was a weird feeling. I do look forward to going back and seeing them in January.

The last few days in Haiti were a blur of cleaning up flooded water, running from the tarantula in my bedroom (that is not a joke) and doing house calls to Haitians affected by the hurricane damage. In spite of the losses they experienced they are moving on and continued to go to church that Sunday and praise God. The singing in a Haitian church is much louder than here and although I can't understand the language I can tell they truly believe what they are singing. Instead of listening to words, I learned the value of watching people's body language, voice tones and really looking into someones eyes for response. I think this was a good lesson for me and I hope to keep it here where language is not difficult for me.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. I really appreciate it. I thank God for a safe and adventurous trip!


caroline said...

Welcome home, Ginny!

And the tarantula?? Ok, that would be a total deal breaker for me!!!

Greg said...

Ok I got this set up so I can leave comments on your new posts. Look forward to your updates.

Those of us who "seriously need our heads examined" will be waiting and praying here in below zero temperatures in Ohio eagerly anticipating your arrival home. :o)

Ok that's the first Ginnyism of many that I am posting in an effort to:

1. Make you laugh
2. Hope you realize how much you're missed (even though you havent left yet)
3. Help you remember everyone who genuinely cares so much about you.

God Bless