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Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting Ready!

This Saturday is the big day. Leaving for Haiti for 3 weeks. I just heard today from the director of Haitian Christian Outreach (HCO) of the loss in our areas we are planning on working in. I can not imagine what the pictures I have seen in the papers and on TV will look like in real life. The people I worked with in Seguin on my February trip can not get down the mountain due to mudslides and no one is able to get up to them either. The word from Haiti is they are starving. The only way to get food to them is by helicopter. Missions in Haiti are trying to get the United Nations to deliver the food to Segiun. Please pray for these people. I have many memories of the children I met in Segiun and I am very worried about them. They did not have enough food to eat before the hurricanes-so this is a very desperate time for them.

Our mission, HCO has received word that a lot of supplies were lost in Peredo. 200 bags of cement bought for the construction of church camp, school supplies, tools for construction and medicines were lost in the flooding. While these are are replaceable items some in Peredo lost their lives. So far they have found 7 bodies in Peredo alone and expecting to find more as the waters go down. I keep hearing different counts of loss of lives on the news. It would be hard for a country like Haiti to know exactly how many people have died due to lack of communication issues.

The Haitian missionary, Roro is in Haiti now and he says there is much devastation. If you would like to help with relief efforts please visit www.haitianchristian.org.

I am hoping to keep in contact through this website and through email but I have heard that electricity is going to be very hard to come by in most of the areas we will be working. Please pray for our efforts and for God to lead us on our trip.

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